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Germanic Mythology


This is a course wiki on Germanic Mythology created and maintained by students of the University of Alabama.


On the right:  Odin riding on Sleipnir

Runestone from Tjängvide, Gotland in Sweden, today in the National Historical Museum, Stockholm

ACHTUNG - Use the Plagiarism Checker (right upper corner) if you are not sure if you plagiarized!



1. Start working on your last wiki entries for this course (due next Tuesday, April 19): entries either three very short, two short, one medium size or one long entry.


2. CLEAN UP ALL your entries, see guidelines below on this page AND document on Wiki Grading Rubric.

3. IF you think that all your entries follow the guidelines below, help others with their entries (corrections, formatting, in general cleaning up entries). You also can point out if an entry needs cleaning up. You will be rewarded for your collaboration!


4. Then it is time for the Overall Wiki Self Evaluation. Please see the following two files on Wiki Grading Rubric AND Overall Wiki Self Evaluation in the folder on Rubrics. FILL OUT the Overall wiki self evaluation form, TYPED, and hand it in a week from now, Thursday, April 26.


5. Do not forget that the final will consist of questions gathered from all of you. By April 28 you have to  submit 10 questions (with answers) from your contributions. SO make sure to read ALL entries!


6. Beginning this COMING Tuesday, April 19, you will begin presenting your wiki entries to the class.  




For course info, see syllabus.



Guidelines for Wiki Entries (characters, places, names etc.)

  • Follow the formatting of the sample article for the cow Audhumla.
  • You have to provide your references; web references alone are NOT acceptable.
  • When using sources and references, rephrase in your own words. Exact quotes have to be indicated by quotation marks.
  • You may not simply cut and paste from an existing webpage; if doing so, you commit plagiarism. 
  • Your references have to follow MLA style, but instead of underlining, use italics.
  • All information has to come from a reliable source. 
  • Make use of the primary sources (Prose EddaSaga of the Völsungs). You should provide at least one representative and appropriate quote from a primary source.
  • Add appropriate pictures if available. You have to provide the source of the picture.
  • Make sure your entries are accurate. You have to verify your information.


  • All wiki entries will be evaluated according to these guidelines by the instructor and the students.


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